Hain Condemns Coalition Policy As Latest Figures Show Fresh Unemployment Misery For Neath

Neath MP Peter Hain has criticised Government economic policy in the wake of the recent hike in unemployment in the Neath Constituency. Unemployment figures have increased significantly from 1488 in December to 1687 in January and have been described by Mr Hain as “devastating for those who have lost their job and are fighting to find work.”

Figures out today (Wednesday 20th February) also showed a significant rise in youth unemployment from 480 in December to 560 in January.

Mr Hain said, “These figures show that jobseekers in Neath are facing fresh misery in the New Year. The Christmas period gave temporary relief to unemployment figures through seasonal work, but with the festive season over local people are now facing the highly competitive labour market which has been made more difficult with the redundancies at Aberpergwm Mine and Tata Steel, coupled with a question mark hanging over the future of Remploy.

“The Westminster Government’s economic policy is not helping local businesses or those looking for work and as a result employment figures are moving in the wrong direction. For youngsters it is a demoralising and frustrating situation to be told time and time again they are under-experienced and are left suffering because of the mistakes of bankers and this Government’s failing economic policy.

“What the Tory-Lib Dem Government fail to realise with their cuts, cuts and more cuts philosophy is unless they invest in jobs and business then unemployment will continue to be a problem. As more and more Welfare cuts take effect they will make an already difficult situation for many really dire.”