Hundreds Unite Against Swansea ‘White Pride’ Protest

Western Mail

A showdown between National Front members and anti-fascist protesters brought hundreds of people to a Welsh city centre, amid a heavy police presence.

Among those supporting the anti-fascist protest was Neath MP Peter Hain.

Mr Hain, who is president of the campaign group Unite against Fascism, said: “It’s very important whether it’s Swansea or any other community, town or city in Wales, that we say these are no-go areas for racists, for fascists and for Nazis.

“Having a demonstration like this makes a very important statement, directed at the Welsh Defence League or any group that share that ideology, that they should not be allowed to swagger around and spread their poison and hate.

“Whether it is attacking Muslims, black people, Jewish people, their poisonous policies scapegoat individuals for the problems of lack of jobs, the banking crisis, the global economy, which have nothing to do with your skin and religion.”

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