Unite Against Fascism Counter-Demonstration 2013

Over 400 people stood together last Saturday (9th March) at a counter-demonstration organised by Unite Against Fascism against the National Front, sending out the message loud and clear that Swansea is a no-go area for fascists, racists and Nazis.
The weather stayed on our side throughout the day and the family-friendly, festival atmosphere of the UAF’s counter-protest was fantastic to be a part of. Around forty so-called ‘white-pride’ protesters arrived at around 1.30pm, and I would like to congratulate the police on the success of their meticulously planned operation, which helped the day to pass without violence.
With the government continuing its crippling attacks on public services and welfare benefits, organisations like the NF use people’s despair to spread discord and division throughout our communities. By targeting minorities – especially black and ethnic minorities, Jews and Muslims – their poisonous policies scapegoat individuals for problems such as of lack of jobs, the banking crisis and the global economy, none of which have anything to do with skin colour or religion.
As a designated city of sanctuary, Swansea is justly proud of both the diversity of its people and its culture of tolerance. Together, we showed the NF that they and any others who hold a similar abhorrent ideology will simply not be allowed to swagger around our communities spreading their poison and their hate.