Attack On UKIP For ‘Giving Succour To Far Right’

Peter Hain MP for Neath speaking at a rally in Transport House, Cardiff of Wales Unite against Fascism on Saturday 20 April 2013:

‘It is a scandal that UKIP are giving succour to far-right parties across Europe. In the European Parliament in January Nigel Farrage’s Party refused to oppose a funding package for some of Europe’s worst hate-mongers, including the BNP.’

‘UKIP likes to paint itself as a credible third party, but can there be anything credible about a party which gives a nod and a wink to openly fascist and racist organisations?’

‘The Alliance of European National Groups in the European Parliament stands to receive £340,000 from the European Commission with further funding to set up a far-right think tank.

‘We know that far-right groups across the continent communicate with each other, sharing strategies and funding. But this is a new and explicit attempt to legitimise their hateful and worrying ideas and to pool their collective bile.’

‘It is unthinkable that a Party that gives succour to these racist and fascist groups could be seriously considered as contenders in a General Election.’