Hain criticises ‘lacklustre’ Queen’s Speech as Failing Local People

Peter Hain has strongly criticised as ‘lacklustre’ the Queen’s Speech offered by the UK government.  The MP for Neath said it offered no hope to the thousands of local people desperate for work or local businesses looking for a boost to the economy.

Mr Hain said: ‘The Government have delivered three years of failure – no growth, falling living standards and rising borrowing. There are horrific levels of youth unemployment and the cost of living is rising, food and fuel most of all.’

He called on the Government to back, Labour’s policy for ‘a compulsory jobs guarantee’ which would mean a paid job for every adult who is out of work for more than two years. They would have to take the job or lose their benefits.

Mr Hain said, ‘We desperately need investment in housing, infrastructure generating jobs and growth to kick start the economy. The compulsory jobs guarantee would help the thousands of people who are unemployed in Neath including the hundreds of youth unemployed who are struggling.’

Labour’s policy proposes a six month paid job for a young person out of work for over a year, and would place a requirement on large firms getting government contracts to have apprenticeship schemes.