Hain calls for Affirmative Action to Combat Continuing Rise in Unemployment in Neath

Neath MP Peter Hain has strongly criticised Government economic policy as unemployment in the Neath constituency continues to rise.

Long-term youth unemployment has increased by a third over the past twelve months, a figure described by Mr Hain as ‘terrible for young people who already feel deeply worried about their future prospects under current economic policies.’

Figures out today (Wednesday 15th May) also showed a 6% rise in overall unemployment in Neath between April 2012-April 2013.

According to Mr Hain, ‘The Westminster Government has failed utterly to get Britain back to work. Furthermore, instead of offering constructive support like the Jobs Bill proposed by Labour, the Coalition is compounding people’s misery by introducing a series of punitive cuts to Welfare benefit.’

Mr Hain continued: ‘With five people chasing every one job vacancy in Neath, we desperately need affirmative action to get local people into work. This is why Labour is calling for a compulsory jobs guarantee, which will get any adult out of work for more than two years, or young person out of work for a year, into a job – one they would be required to take in order to continue receiving benefit but which will open up new opportunities currently denied to those seeking work in such a hostile climate.’