Hain attacks Government Austerity in support of IMF Report

Peter Hain has again criticised Government economic policy in wake of the IMF’s conclusion that the UK is ‘a long way from recovery.’

A delegation from the International Monetary Fund has spent the last fortnight in the UK in order to review the health of the UK economy. Its report finds that Government austerity measures are ‘acting as a drag on the economy’ and advises that the Government could do ‘more to offset the negative impact of austerity’ by investing in ‘greater infrastructure spending.’

Speaking at a press conference in London yesterday, Deputy Managing Director of the IMF David Lipton said the view of the IMF was that the UK should consider ‘slowing the pace of cuts.’

The MP for Neath has welcomed these findings, saying that they have confirmed what he and his Labour colleagues have been arguing for months.

Writing on his Facebook forum for local people, Neath Voice, Mr Hain said, ‘the IMF should come to Neath and see the real effects of the government’s disastrous commitment to austerity, starving us of jobs and growth. Blaming Europe won’t wash when France, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands are all recovering faster than we are.’