EDMs signed 2012-2013

Name of EDM Number of EDM
Western Sahara and Human Rights 1113
National Health Service 1104
Tax Exemptions for Private Healthcare Providers 1022
Under-Occupancy Penalty and the Vulnerable 984
Communications Workers Union ‘Close the Loophole’ Campaign 959
Energy Efficiency and Reduction of Energy Costs Bill 841
Attacks Against Rohingya in Burma 838
Tackling Dog Attacks on Postmen and Postwomen 822
Future of the Universal Service Obligation 818
Marange Diamonds Zimbabwe 777
Beer Duty Escalator 703
Community Energy 684
Depleted Uranium Munitions 629
Un-Recognition of Palestine 502
Humanitarian Appeal for Visitation Rights for Wives of Miami Five 497
Renewable Energy: Made in Britain Report 487
Victims of Road Accidents 407
Atos 295
Middle East Weapons of Mass Destruction-free Zone 273
National Motorsport Week 262
Rail Electrification to Swansea 122
Celebrating the Blaydon Races 116
Funding for the Thalidomide Victims Pilot Scheme 46
First Aid in the National Curriculum 4
15th Anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement 1243
National Health Service (No.2) 1188
Britain Needs a Pay Rise Report 1081
Animals Used in Scientific Procedures 405
Reducing Fuel Bills through Energy Efficiency 47