Hain blasts Government in wake of ‘dismal’ unemployment figures

Neath MP Peter Hain has challenged the Government in the strongest possible terms following the release of the latest unemployment figures for his constituency, which show a significant rise in the number of people out of work.

According to Mr Hain, ‘The Government’s approach is utterly failing local people. Not only is there no economic growth to stimulate the local economy, people who are already struggling to make ends meet due to a lack of full-time jobs are also feeling the pressure of the cuts to both their wages and to their tax credits.’

There are currently 1679 people in Neath claiming Job Seeker’s Allowance. Of these, 340 people have been claiming JSA for up to twelve months, which is a 6% rise on the year.

Commenting further, Mr Hain says, ‘I find the 14% rise in the number of young people aged 18-24 claiming JSA for over twelve months particularly worrying. It is a daunting prospect for school-leavers and graduates who deserve a better future than the stagnant job market which is all that this Tory-led Government has to offer them.’

‘Whilst Tory Lib-Dem Ministers sit on their hands and dither about innovative projects such as the Severn Barrage, which would bring a wealth of jobs to the Neath Port Talbot area, local people continue to suffer. Urgent action is needed now before the Government condemns a whole generation to joblessness.’