Statement on Remploy 29 August 2013

Following the Government announcement that the Remploy furniture business will move to closure and all employees remain at risk of compulsory redundancy Neath MP Peter Hain said,

“The announcement by the Government is desperately disappointing and devastating news for employees at Remploy’s Baglan site now facing redundancy and the prospect of competing in the highly competitive local jobseekers market. At a time when the jobs market is already saturated with four people chasing every vacancy in Neath, Remploy workers are being thrown to the wolves by the Government. For generations Remploy provided a safe environment for people with disabilities allowing them to contribute to the economy and putting ability first.

“The business in Baglan and its workforce, which has built up a strong reputation for producing high quality furniture, has been let down by the Government first by withdrawing support and now by the long protracted commercial process, leaving the workforce in limbo with the Sword of Damocles hanging over them, and which has ultimately failed. I will be liaising with management and the Trade Unions but there is no getting away from the fact that this is a terrible day for Remploy workers.”