Ed Milibands Pledge to Freeze Fuel Bills will help Thousands in Neath Constituency

Peter Hain has welcomed Ed Miliband’s pledge to freeze gas and electricity bills should Labour win the General Election in 2015 claiming it would help thousands of local people who are struggling to pay their fuel bills.

The Neath MP said, ‘Families throughout Neath have been hit by rising food and fuel prices whilst pay has been frozen and the Government’s inept economic policies have resulted in the slowest rate of growth for over one hundred years. The result has been many Neath families struggling to find work and struggling to put food on the table with growing numbers turning to foodbanks.’

Mr Hain continued, ‘for those constituents who have spent the last few winters worrying about their fuel bills the price freeze, which would save the average household £120 and a typical business £1,800, will be a welcome relief, so too will Ed Miliband’s pledge to break up the monopoly of the big six.’

During his speech to Labour Party conference in Brighton Mr Miliband explained that an incoming Labour Government would rush through emergency legislation in order to introduce a price freeze until January 2017.  Labour would then use that period to push through a broad range of reforms aiming to reduce the power of the “big six” energy companies and increase competition in the sector.