Hain demands End to Zero-Hours Exploitation

MP for Neath Peter Hain has called for action to end the exploitation of workers on zero-hours contracts, under which workers do not know what their hours and pay will be on any given day or week.

In response to the biggest living standards crisis seen in a generation, the Labour party called a special debate in Parliament on Wednesday 16th October demanding action to stop rising insecurity at work under David Cameron, including through the exploitive use of zero-hours contracts.

According to Mr Hain, recent estimates show there could be as many as 1 million workers throughout the UK employed on zero-hours contracts, which are now used in one in five workplaces.

Speaking today, Mr Hain commented, ‘As a result of inadequate Tory-led policies we have seen rising insecurity at work, compounding the living standards crisis that families in Neath are facing.

‘Whilst I understand that businesses need some flexibility, people in Neath are in desperate need of job security. Zero-hours contracts are creating uncertainty for too many families in a time of economic difficulty and that’s why I voted for an end to their exploitive use.’

Mr Hain urges anyone who has been affected by zero-hours contracts in his constituency to share their story by contacting his office at 01639 630152 or hainp@parliament.uk.