UK Nuclear Energy Programme

Mr Peter Hain (Neath) (Lab): Even accepting the case for Hinkley, why is the Secretary of State not giving in-principle support to the Severn barrage, which would deliver clean green energy at half the price, at a similar strike price, over three to four times the lifespan of Hinkley and with three times the number of jobs? I just do not understand it.

Mr Davey: I am grateful for the right hon. Gentleman’s persistence in this issue. He knows that I have met him. I have looked at the figures that have been produced by those who want to see a Severn barrage created. It would not be at half the price; it would probably be at double the price; it is extremely expensive. No one would be more delighted than I if we could see tidal power coming in the Severn. I believe it will come, but the price will have to come down because we must protect the consumer.