Hain urges more schools to take advantage of subsidy for trips to Parliament

MP for Neath Peter Hain has welcomed the news that local pupils throughout the community are benefiting from Parliament’s Education Service, which aims to inform and engage young people, empowering them to participate in Parliament, politics and democracy.

According to Mr Hain over 200 students from schools across Neath were involved in Parliament’s Education Visits, with many of which eligible to receive a transport subsidy offered by the service.

Mr Hain said, ‘I am delighted that Neath pupils are able to benefit from Parliament’s Education Service, especially since their education programme for schools has been significantly improved and extended over the past five years.   The transport subsidy is particularly useful, as it enables learners living further away from Westminster- including in rural areas such as Neath- greater access to the service. Schools in Neath are eligible to save up to 50% or £800 in transport costs.’

Parliament’s Education Service offers a year round programme for schools, including visits to Westminster, school-based workshops and teacher training, education projects and active learning competitions. The service also produces a range of digital and printed learning resources and administers Members’ Tours of the Palace of Westminster.

In the last academic year, over forty students visited Parliament for a School Members’ Tour. Concluding, Mr Hain said, ‘I would like to encourage more local schools to take advantage of the transport subsidy in the hope that even more pupils will be able to gain access to the opportunities that the Parliament Education Service provides.’