Hain Votes To Abolish Callous Bedroom Tax

Peter Hain will today (12th November) vote to repeal the callous Bedroom Tax which is affecting 1256 people in Neath. Mr Hain has described the vote as a ‘vital opportunity to scrap the punitive Bedroom Tax’.

Labour Leader Ed Miliband has pledged to abolish the Bedroom Tax should Labour win the General Election in 2015 but today’s vote has been brought forward by Labour MP and Shadow Secretary of State for the Department of Work and Pension, Rachel Reeves, in recognition that for too many 2015 is too long to wait.

Mr Hain said, ‘People in Neath and the surrounding valley communities simply can’t wait until 2015 with arrears building and people struggling to find the money to keep a roof over their head, they need this change now. For many they are at their wits end having to deal with the consequences of this vicious legislation.

‘Scores of constituents have been to see me about how the bedroom tax is affecting them, many of them in a horrendous situations, not knowing which way to turn and when I’ve taken their cases up with the Secretary of State whose response has been utter disdain. So this vote will resonate with thousands across the Neath constituency.

‘The reality of the situation in our communities bears no resemblance to the rhetoric peddled by the Government of ‘strivers vs skivers’, which has deliberately tried to demonise people living in social housing. They are using this to defend the indefensible policy that is affecting disabled couples who need the space or a parent who sees their children on weekends is then judged not to need the room. Often they have no alternative to downsize because of a lack of availability of one and two bedroom properties locally.’