Hain Welcomes Work To Improve Neath Train Station

Having last year pressed the rail authorities for urgent modernisation of Neath Train Station, Neath MP Peter Hain has welcomed the upgrading which started this week (beginning 20th of January).

A new, additional entrance, ticket barrier and ticket machine will be installed on the Milland Road side of the station in Neath town centre.

The aim of this work is primarily to provide essential improvement to disabled access, but will also increase general accessibility for people with bags leaving trains from Cardiff and boarding trains to Swansea, and the overall appearance of the station will be revamped.

Following the visit Mr Hain said, “This work is welcome news to all Neath train users.  Disabled users coming from the Cardiff direction will now no longer have to wait to cross the track but will be able to access the west bound platform directly.

“Similarly people arriving in Neath , to go to Swansea won’t have to struggle across the bridge with their luggage, but will be able to exit the station from Platform 1, where they can be either picked up or dropped off at a new site for cars to pull up on the Dark Arch side.

“Additionally, drivers using the Milland Road car park will be able to access the station directly rather than having to climb over the bridge.

“The revamp will make it more appealing and inviting for people arriving in Neath.  I am pleased because although this modernisation is not everything we need, it is a big step forward for the town and rail users.”

The development will not only provide new access to Platform 1 through Milland Road, but also disabled toilet facilities and ramp access to the new building, as well as disabled friendly ticketing gates and a small indoor seating area.