Big Boost to Local Businesses

The government has announced today that Neath will continue to enjoy the benefits of its Assisted Area status after a substantial review of the program by the government.

In news released from the Minister of State for Business and Enterprise Michael Fallon MP, the businesses in the town will be able to apply for government subsidies at a reduced rate in an effort to balance the national economy.

The final map for Assisted Areas will be confirmed in July, it currently gives AA status to many constituencies within Wales and confirms that they will continue to receive the status until at least 2020.

Neath constituency MP Peter Hain said of the news: “This is very welcome and I hope it will provide much needed assistance to many of our local businesses and entrepreneurs who are doing everything they can to get business in the local area growing.”

“Over the past few months we have seen some amazing progress made by the likes of South Wales Transport as well as the successes of heavy manufacturing which is still at the heart of much of Neath and this part of South Wales.”

“I have been in regular contact with the Chamber of Trade for the town and feel very good about its economic future, there is a long way to go yet but together we are moving in the right direction.”