My Proudest Experience is What We Achieved in Northern Ireland

Former Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Mr Peter Hain MP spoke of his pride in what was achieved in the 2007 Northern Irish Peace Settlement.

In an interview with Adrian Rutherford of the Belfast Telegraph Mr Hain said:

“I’m proud of what I did and my proudest experience is my time in Northern Ireland.”

Speaking on the coalition government between the DUP and Sinn Fein Mr Hain said:

“Nobody else thought it was achievable, but I actually thought it was possible. I had a sense from the beginning that it was achievable, but it was still one of those ‘It will never happen’ moments right up until it actually happened.

I thought it was achievable because I had a sense that was the way history was going, if we could do the necessary heavy-lifting to get everything in place, including Sinn Fein supporting policing and the rule of law in Northern Ireland.

I was actually the only optimistic one in my office and amongst the commentariat when I arrived in May 2005.”

Mr Hain also discussed in great length many of the trials and tribulations of his political career and the legacy of his parents bravery in fighting the Apartheid regime in South Africa.


You can read the full extract of Peter’s Interview with Adrian here:


Extracts taken from the Belfast Telegraph 5th may 2014 Article