Speaking yesterday in the chamber of the House of Commons, MP for Neath Peter Hain defended the Royal Mail and its Universal Postal Service Obligation.

The long-time MP who is stepping down from his role next year argued that the Royal Mail faces unfair competition within its market because others providers were able to cherry pick where they delivered in order to protect their costs.

The former Secretary of State for Wales said: “I was privileged to work for the Union of Post Office Workers—as it was called in the 1970s—for 14 years, into its new incarnation, before I was elected to this House.”

“What has always worried me greatly about the competition regime around the Royal Mail is that it is not a level playing field.”

“The Royal Mail’s competitors are not treated in the same way as the Royal Mail. I believe that poses a great danger to the universal service obligation. It does not pose a danger to its existence, which has been provided for in statute under this Government, as has been pointed out—I am not arguing that—although the universal service obligation is not defined.”

You can read Peter’s contribution here