Hain calls on local community to help save future of Cilmaengwyn Post Office

Local MP Peter Hain has called on Cilmaengwyn residents to help save the future of the local Post Office after being informed it would close temporarily on 5th August. The postmaster has decided to finish and now Post Office Limited are looking for a new postmaster and new premises. If a new postmaster and premises cannot be found Mr Hain has received assurances that an outreach service will be provided.

Urging resident to help find an alternative Mr Hain said, ‘Our local Post Office branches provide essential facilities that many people rely on for collecting their pensions, paying their bills or picking up stamps. So it is vital that a service is maintained in Cilmaengwyn. If anyone is interested in taking over the business or has a suggestion that could maintain the provision in Cilmaengwyn then get in touch with Post Office Limited. The Post Office is a hub of the community and it’s important it is not lost.’

To submit your views to the consultation you can write to FREEPOST Your Comment, email comments@postoffice.co.uk or visit https://www.postofficeviews.co.uk/liveconsultation.php