Neath Needs the European Union

Former Secretary of State for Wales Peter Hain MP has issued a rallying call to the electorate in Neath, asking them to trust in Labour and the European Union.

Mr Hain made his comments after Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council today issued new images detailing the next phase of the town’s redevelopment which is part funded by the Welsh Government and EU JESSICA fund.

He said: “It is very encouraging to see the redevelopment taking shape, over the next eighteen months Neath is finally going to get the investment that it deserves and it could not have happened without the combined efforts of Labour in Cardiff and in Brussels to secure the money needed.”

He went on to say: “Now, the Welsh Government are leading the way for us, Neath is the first town to benefit from the Regeneration Investment Fund for Wales, this will see approximately £13 million invested in Neath.”

The redevelopment has proven a controversial topic in the town with many residents growing frustrated after a number of delays since its first announcement in 2008.

Mr Hain combatted this by saying, “we went through a global recession, it was unfortunate timing but it caused everyone to reassess their financial priorities. The reality is without the combined actions of the EU and Welsh Assembly we would have been stranded, left utterly high and dry by a Westminster Government who have no interest in rewarding Welsh tax payers, and taking care of Welsh people.”

“In May we saw just how frustrated people were with the political class, in Neath we saw a small, but significant majority of people voice this frustration by voting for UKIP.”

“The evidence is clear, Neath needs the European Union, UKIP risks years of hard work by Labour Assembly members, and our MEP Derek Vaughan to fill in the deficit gap which the Tory Lib-Dem government constantly leaves us in.”