Labour Breaks Coalition and Bedroom Tax

After a successful vote in the House of Commons Peter Hain MP has congratulated Labour MPs on landing a hammer to the Tory Lib-Dem dreaded Bedroom Tax, heaping further embarrassment on David Cameron and stretching coalition relations to breaking point.

Since April 1st of 2013 the Bedroom Tax has felt like a cruel joke by many hard-working families and individuals who have been penalised by its punitive costs, some being forced to relocate from their families and communities as a direct consequence.

In Wales 31,692 people have been affected by the tax, and across Britain almost two-thirds of those affected are either disabled or carers.

The Labour Party has been campaigning against the Bedroom Tax since its introduction, pledging to scrap it should they form the next government.

The veteran MP said: “this is a fantastic achievement and it could not have been done without the work of Labour leader Ed Miliband and Rachel Reeves the shadow Work and Pensions Secretary.”

“In Neath I know of many families and people who have borne the brunt of this government’s disastrous welfare program. As a former Secretary of State for the DWP I cannot express how much it has anguished me to see such havoc wrought on ordinary people.”

“We cannot let this government forget that they are responsible for this misery, and more needs to be done to make sure the Bedroom Tax is relegated from people’s lives altogether.”


Peter Hain and Rachel Reeves