We Must Get More Young People to Engage

Peter Hain MP has today written to comprehensive schools across the Neath Constituency, urging them to join the Make Your Mark campaign.

Ahead of the Youth Parliament in November, the veteran politician and former Leader of the House of Commons has contacted schools asking them to raise awareness of the Youth Parliament initiative.

It is all part of a campaign which aims to increase political engagement with young voters.

Mr Hain said, “after the Scottish referendum we saw immense political engagement from young people which was hugely encouraging.”

“Traditionally politics has been seen as primarily for the middle-aged and elderly to the detriment of the young, I hope with this campaign we can challenge that and re-energise young people to take part in politics.”

The Youth Parliament is an event exclusively for those aged 11-18. They can vote on the five issues which matter to them most, these will then be debated by Youth Members of Parliament in November.

For more information visit www.youthparliament.org.uk


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