Hain Slams Minister for Attack on Disabled Workers

Peter Hain MP has slammed Welfare Minister Lord Freud for his derogatory comments about disabled employees.

It was revealed today that Lord Freud had suggested some disabled people were not “worth” the minimum wage in a fringe meeting at the Conservative conference.

A former Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Mr Hain said: “His comments, his attitude, the total disregard for the hardships of disabled people, it was despicable.”

“The suggestion that having disability somehow impacted on whether or not an employee deserved the National Minimum Wage really was reprehensible. “

“It should not matter who you are, a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay is all any of us want. The Tories have shown once again the utter contempt they hold for so many workers across the UK.”

Lord Freud made a grovelling apology this afternoon, however calls are growing for him to be sacked.

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