Ad & Wal

Ad & Wal

Values, duty, sacrifice in apartheid South Africa

What would you do if you lived under the ugliest of regimes, a byword for repression and injustice? What would you do if you knew that you could stay safe only if you stayed quiet? Most of us like to think we’d stand up to fight against evil, and yet the vast majority of white South Africans either stood by and said nothing or actively participated in the oppression and carnage during apartheid.

Ad and Wal is the story of two modest people who became notorious, two survivors who did what they thought was right, two parents who rebelled against the apartheid regime and despite putting themselves in grave danger refused to stay silent. Ad and Wal is the story of an ordinary couple who did extraordinary things, sacrificing everything for their values.

How did this happen? What exactly did they do? What can we learn from their tale? Peter Hain, Neath MP and former Cabinet minister, tells the true saga of his activist parents in this tell-all thriller that will both break and warm your heart. Every reader will wonder how utterly different everything would be in South Africa, in the United Kingdom, in all the world, if more such stories could be told – and yet how incredible this single, ordinary one is.

Publisher: Biteback

Published: 2014

ISBN13: 9781849546430