Open Letter from UAF Wales and Supporters

UAF Wales rejects any suggestion that the Muslim community in Cardiff is
in some way responsible for those going to join ISIS. No apologies are
necessary from Imams or anyone else in the community.

Instead, the background to the situation in which two Cardiff lads shift from
opposing foreign policy in the Middle East to joining ISIS needs to be looked
at. In recent years, and in the context of Western military actions, British
fascist groups have shifted the focus of their hatred from black and Jewish
communities to Muslims. The resulting Islamophobia has been taken up on
an almost daily basis in the media and by some mainstream politicians and
parties. It provides a useful means to divert attention and blame from failure
to deal with the economic crisis. Not a week goes by without an anti-Muslim
demo somewhere in Britain. Fascist groups are allowed to demonstrate while
young Muslims are subject to harassment. The increased use of racism in
the European elections raises the spectre of racism being made acceptable in
an accepting and diverse society.

We know from several years of working with representatives of the Muslim
community in Wales that they heartily reject hatred and violence wherever it
comes from.

We all have a responsibility to challenge racism and Islamophobia on every
occasion and work to create a diverse and accepting society where our young
men are not driven to fight elsewhere.

UAF has been largely successful in keeping fascist and racist groups out of
Cardiff by working together with the Muslim community and many other
people of good faith. We will continue to do so and continue to combat