Call For EU Leaders to Curb Spending

South Wales Evening Post

NEATH MP Peter Hain has defended his role in pressing the UK Government to seek a cut in Brussels spending.

It comes after the Prime Minister suffered a humiliating defeat when Labour MPs and 53 Eurosceptic Conservatives joined forces to vote down a freeze in the European Union (EU) budget.

Although the vote was not binding, the House of Commons instead demanded he pursue a cut when he meets Euro leaders

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Pro Europe pro EU Budget squeeze

To be pro-European does not mean enabling the EU to escape spending cuts imposed by every member state on almost every public service.

In truth Europe would be more popular with its citizens if it showed more willingness to tighten its belt just as they are having to do. Europe’s leaders cannot retain confidence by preaching austerity for everybody else except themselves.

David Cameron and Nick Clegg simply do not get it. They seem to think the elites can be protected from their cuts while everyone else suffers.

So I voted last night to curb Brussels budget as a pro-European who believes this is in the interests of both Europe and Britain.

An Era of Coalitions Could Be Upon Us

The Independent 

…but if it is, they should be more mature than this one, and Labour needs a radical rethink of how it conducts its politics

Cosy texts between Ed and Vince. Lib Dem-hating Tory backbenchers who tell their Labour Oppo’s they have already written off the next election. Public antipathy to being sold a pup by the Government that austerity is working when it palpably isn’t. Does all this mean politics is shifting to a Labour win next time?

Although conventional wisdom says it’s too big an ask for Ed Miliband to lead Labour to victory in 2015 after such a terrible defeat just five years before, new times defy electoral orthodoxy.

The Tories took office without winning on a historically low base for a governing party. Their vote inched up painfully slowly from a low of 30.7 per cent in 1997 to 31.7 per cent in 2001, then to 32.4 per cent in 2005 Ω and finally to just 36.1 per cent in 2010.

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Severn Barrage Plans

‘Could be Put Through Parliament Next Year’

The Neath MP told the Western Mail that the main issue in the ongoing discussions with officials was the question of the price support that would be available for the electricity the barrage produced.

And he pointed out that the cost of any price support would be offset by the savings made in flood protection, which the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has estimated could be as much as £500m a year.

“We saw [Energy Secretary] Ed Davey last week and we’re engaging with officials together to go through some of the details, in particular the contractual details for renewable energy price support. That all takes a little time,”

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Hain ‘Astonished’ by Decision Not To Repeal Scandalising The Court Offence

Peter Hain says he is “astonished” that Justice Minister David Ford has spurned a chance to have the ancient offence of scandalising the court repealed.

A review is under way in England and Wales.

It follows a case earlier this year in which it was used against the former Northern Ireland secretary.

NI’s Attorney General John Larkin decided to charge Mr Hain over remarks he made about a High Court judge in his autobiography.

Mr Larkin’s move prompted 120 MPs to sign a motion backing the veteran Labour politician.

The Law Commission has been consulting in England and Wales to see if the ancient offence should be struck from the books.

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