Local women to bear brunt of Government Cuts

The Tory-Lib Dem cuts are disproportionally affecting women In Neath and surrounding Valleys as they are asked to bear more than seventy percent of the cuts. Shadow Secretary of State for Wales and Neath MP has called the figures “damaging for the progress of the next generation of women.”

Independent research shows men on average will lose £4.20 a week, but women on average will lose £8.80 a week – despite the fact that women still earn less than men. Cuts to child tax credit, childcare tax credit, child benefit all hit mothers hardest. This combined with lower public sector, Carers Allowance payments, cuts to housing benefit and the rise in VAT, this Tory Government propped up by the Lib Dems is just throwing more hurdles in the way of women.

“Women play a vital role in the workplace and at home.” Said Mr Hain “Women have already achieved so much, there is still so much to do but this unfair attack will, I fear, not only halt the progress already made but set it back years. It is likely that their life chances and independence will suffer because of this government’s assault on women and families.”

Osborne’s stealth attack on Winter Fuel Payments

Thousands of pensioners are going to be worse off thanks to cuts Chancellor George Osborne failed to mention in the budget. Older people will receive up to £100 less from the government towards their winter energy bills which Neath MP Peter Hain has called a “cruel blow to the elderly.”

Winter Fuel payments for over 60s are set to drop by £50 from £250 to £200 while those over 80 are expected to lose £100 from £400 to £300. Between 2009 and 2010 there were 12,830 households in Neath in receipt of Winter Fuel Allowance.

Mr Hain said, “This is devastating news for elderly people who rely on these payments to help with the high cost of heating their homes over the winter. The situation is going to be made worse as the cost of heating is continuing to rise but the Chancellor has made no provision for this in the Budget instead he has left the elderly to fend for themselves.

“Over two thousand five hundred people in Neath are in receipt of the higher rate of Winter Fuel Allowance who will now be left to face the rising cost of warming their homes. This is a disgraceful way to treat elderly people.

“The Lib-Dems broke their promise to students over tuition fees and the Tories broke their promise to hard working families over child benefits and now the Tories have broken their promise to pensioners over the Winter Fuel Allowance.”

Cameron Needs To Get A Grip On His Welfare Reforms

On the same day the Prime Minister said he would not be removing the mobility component of Disability Living Allowance from 80,000 care home residents, Chancellor George Osborne announced he was cutting nearly fifty per cent more than originally planned.

Shadow Secretary of State for Wales and Neath MP Peter Hain has called on Mr Cameron to “get a grip on his welfare reforms” claiming its creating an air of uncertainty for thousands of people. The mobility component is worth either £18.95 a week, the rate for people who can walk but need guidance or supervision to do so, or £49.85, which is paid to people who have difficulty walking.

Mr Hain said, “I am really worried this will cause real hardship to some of the most vulnerable people in our communities.

“This takes the Tory tradition of giving with one hand and taking with the other to a new level. David Cameron is giving with one hand and George Osborne is taking away with the other hand. At the end of the day its disabled people in residential care homes that are left to suffer as they face continued uncertainty over the mobility component of DLA.

“The mobility component of DLA makes a huge difference to the lives of disabled people allowing them to be independent and to lead an active life.”

During Prime Ministers Questions (Wednesday 23 March) Mr Cameron was asked why her was proposing to remove the mobility component of DLA from 80,000 care home residents, his response was “we are not”. But on the same day the Budget Red Book contradicted the Prime Minister confirming the Government are planning to remove the mobility component of DLA from claimants in residential care – with £475 million taken from people in residential care by 2015/16 and cut £150 million more from the mobility component of DLA than originally forecast in the Comprehensive Spending Review last year.

The issue has been further confused as current Welfare Reform Bill going through the House of Commons includes a clause to remove the mobility component of DLA for those living in a residential care home while the Secretary of State for the Department of Work and Pensions has said the decision is currently under review.

Shameful attack on the blind

Blind and partially sighted people are set to lose £30 a week in what has been described as a ‘shameful attack’ by Peter Hain MP. Changes to the benefit system due to start in April will mean that blind and partially sighted people will no longer automatically be eligible for benefits and will miss out on support to find work.

As Secretary of State for the Department of Work and Pensions, Mr Hain ensured that blind and partially sighted people received the higher rate of disability living allowance for the first time.

Mr Hain said, “This is another attack on people with disabilities. The changes will make it much harder to qualify and ignores the difficulties blind people face as they search for work.”

Under the new system, which is expected to save the Government £1billion over the next five years, claimants will need to score fifteen points. The full fifteen points will be awarded if the blind person is unable to navigate around familiar surroundings without being accompanied by another person due to sensory impairment. RNIB have argued that someone with a guide dog will be able to navigate around familiar surrounding so will not be awarded the points.