Blaendulais Primary

May 2009

Less than a week before pupils from Blaendulais Primary visit Parliament, Peter went along to the school to have a question and answer section with them.

“You’re just like me!”, Peter told the Blaendulais School Council. Peter made the comment during a visit to the school where he gave a talk about Apartheid and was then questioned by the school council on the environment.


“You’re just like me. Just like I was elected by your parents, grandparents, teachers and others in Seven Sisters to represent them, you were elected by your friends and class mates to represent them.” Said Peter

Peter was welcomed to the school with three songs, including two Michael Jackson songs (Earth Song and a reworded version of Heal The World) from the schools “Pollution Pals” production, and was presented with an environmentally friendly bird feeder.

“I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to come to the performance in the summer but the singing by the children today was lovely.”
“The first time that I came to Seven Sisters was the night that Nelson Mandela was released from prison. And so much has changed since then even, when the Springboks take to the field tomorrow it will be a very different team that takes on the Welsh from the ones that toured in the 1960s.”

After Peter’s talk about Apartheid Rule in South Africa the School Council then grilled him about the environment. Peter was asked about how to encourage people to leave their cars at home.

“When I was your age I used to ride a bike to school and that was four miles. In a small village such as Seven Sisters you can walk to school or even ride a bike like I did.”
“It is important that we keep the environment clean, that we recycle and that we don’t drop litter. Nobody likes to see litter over their communities and it will damage the environment for future generations.”

Following his grilling Peter was shown the nature reserve in the school ground.