Catwg School

50th Anniversary Celebration

Peter visited Catwg rimary to join in their 50th anniversary celebrations.

“The staff and pupils have worked hard on their celebrations, it was a real testament to the excellent work by Headteacher Carol Bassett as well as a tribute to the school. Congratulations to Catwg Primary on providing fifty years of first class education.” Peter Said.
For the anniversary Chairman of Governors, Bryn John wrote a poem.

This, dear friends, is a time for great celebration
Yes, fifty years provision of first class education
Worthy of recognition is this school indeed
It has proved a great institution and met a need
The school looks impressive – a fine building in a rural setting
Large playing fields, trees, gardens enclosed with decorative netting
With many good facilities, Catwg school is the envy of many
Operating efficiently and making the most of every penny
A happy school it is where little ones learn well
Each playtime ends with the sound of the bell
The children then line up in order and march to their classes
Dressed in red and grey clothing little boys and pretty lasses
School assemblies are enjoyed, where the children sing and pray
Respect and values are well taught as they learn and play
They behave well as they sit in this fine hall
As in various ways God’s love us explained to them all

Staff have always worked hard and played their part
To give every child in life the best possible start
Past pupils of this school have great stories to tell
Of their time at this primary which prepared them well
For transfer to new schools with confidence and no fear
Ultimately to university and a worthwhile career

The curriculum is broad, balanced and well taught
Pupils enjoy learning and participate as they ought
Preparation and planning always play a big part indeed
Each child is well nurtured including those with special need
The nursery and reception area is a sight to behold
Its design and layout, the envy of many I’ve been told
The little darlings are well cared for as they listen and play
At home time, like their parents, they look forward to the next day

In the past school links were developed with industry
And many a visit made to the Llandarcy BP
Where youngsters learned of the many products made from oil
Seeing refinery plant and men hard at their toil
In the heart of this complex they were amazed and so keen
To ask questions and then sausage and chips in the works canteen

In the community the school play a part
With lettings for chess, W.I and even martial art
Parents are always welcome at the school to discuss
Any concerns they may have with the minimum of fuss
They are kept well informed of events that are planned
And when needed always offer a helping hand

In closing I say to Carol and Catwg team
Keep up your good work and realise your dream
I know you’ll try to go to any length
To ensure this fine school goes from strength to strength