Neath Port Talbot College

6th November 2009

Students who had protested in Swansea against the Welsh Defence League were congratulated by Peter Hain at a Question and Answer session where he was also asked about his opposition to the BNP’s appearance on Question Time when he visited Neath Port Talbot College. In a lively debate they discussed fascism and racism and the need to combat racism wherever it appears. Mr Hain called on everyone to ‘drive the League out of our towns’.

Neath Port Talbot College 2007

Back in May Peter was put through his paces by students from Neath Port Talbot College.

Peter met with A Level politics students on his visit to Neath Port Talbot college. He debated a number of topics with the students ranging from the government’s stance on ID cards, the Iraq war to anti-terrorist laws.

Peter said “It was a really interesting visit. I enjoyed engaging the views of young people in the area and they brought up some interesting view points. I am delighted to see so many young people taking an interest in politics. The future for politics is in the hands of the young.”