St Joseph’s Primary


10th October 2008

Peter has encouraged Neath pupils to make a difference when he visited St Joseph’s Primary School in Neath. Pupils grilled the MP over how they could change things for the better.

“Making a difference and bringing about change was one of the reasons that I became an MP but you don’t have to be a politician to make a difference.” Said Peter.

“Throughout history people have brought about change without being a politician. In South Africa people like Nelson Mandela and Steve Biko stood up for democracy and after many years achieved it, Welsh men and women along with their English and Scottish counterparts fought for the abolition of slavery and women campaigned for many years for all women to get the vote.”

Peter spoke about growing up in South Africa and witnessing his parents struggle against Apartheid which had a lasting affect on him.

He told pupils how everyone can change the world they live in and that they can play their part in fighting against global warming through recycling and switching off lights when they are not needed. Peter then spoke of making changes locally and the campaign to get the Gwyn Hall rebuilt.

“Locally you can make a difference like pupils in Alderman Davies School. They campaigned to get the Gwyn Hall rebuilt by writing letter, signing a petition and meeting with me and the leader of the Council Derek Vaughan.” Concluded Peter.