Ysgol Y Glyn

3rd October 2008

Following the summer recess Peter has began his tour of schools in the constituency and his first stop was Ysgol Y Glyn in Lower Bryamman.

On the visit Peter was grilled about his life in South Africa and his work as an MP in London and in the Neath constituency.

“All the children were enthusiastic and showed a real interest in finding out about my work as an MP.” Said Mr Hain.

All the pupils had prepared two question to ask Mr Hain ranging from how many hours he works to why he became an MP to whether he know Nelson Mandela.

“The children were very welcoming and thought up of some strange and intriguing things to ask me.”

Peter spoke about the vast corridors and many rooms in the Houses of Parliament. He told the pupils about a room that was only recently opened in the attic of the House after it had been closed up and forgot about since 1945.

“I really enjoyed meeting and chatting with all the children.” Concluded Peter.