Outside In

The story of a courageous, campaigning life

As a boy living under apartheid and then as a protest leader exiled in Britain, Peter never imagined becoming an MP, let alone a Cabinet Minister. This is his story of an outsider turned insider, of trying to combine his values with the pragmatic necessities of government and frontline politics.
It contains fascinating new material on the battle for devolution in Wales and encounters with key Welsh figures. Peter recalls his role in negotiating the historic 2007 settlement in Northern Ireland and being Britain’s first-ever African-born Africa Minister.
Featuring Neath, Iraq, Mugabe, Europe, Gibraltar, blood diamonds, working with MI5 and MI6, delivering justice for workers robbed of their pensions and compensation for sick miners. Peter also gives a fascinating insight into life near the top of the Blair and Brown governments.

Publisher: Biteback
Published: 2012
ISBN13: 9781849544108