Hain Supports UAF Wales

Former Secretary of State for Wales Peter Hain MP is one of many high profile community figures to provide his signature on an open letter released by Unite Against Fascism Wales  giving public backing to the Muslim communities of Cardiff.

Mr Hain, who is a patron of UAF, is joined by Andy Richards the regional secretary of Unite, Roman Corria of the Cardiff Trades Council and Cardiff County Councillor Cecilia Love in signing the letter.

In the letter, UAF Wales argue that “no apologies are necessary” from the Muslim community leaders in Cardiff who cannot be held accountable for the actions of the three individuals, believed to be Aseel Multhana, his older brother Nasser and Reyaad Khan.

Instead they argue that the rise of Islamophobia, primarily through fringe right-wing Fascist groups but sustained by media outlets has alienated too many young Muslim men, driving them into the hands of welcoming extremist groups such as ISIS.

It states: “Not a week goes by without an anti-Muslim demo somewhere in Britain. Fascist groups are allowed to demonstrate while young Muslims are subject to harassment. The increased use of racism in the European elections raises the spectre of racism being made acceptable in an accepting and diverse society.”

You can read the full statement of the letter here.


Attack On UKIP For ‘Giving Succour To Far Right’

Peter Hain MP for Neath speaking at a rally in Transport House, Cardiff of Wales Unite against Fascism on Saturday 20 April 2013:

‘It is a scandal that UKIP are giving succour to far-right parties across Europe. In the European Parliament in January Nigel Farrage’s Party refused to oppose a funding package for some of Europe’s worst hate-mongers, including the BNP.’

‘UKIP likes to paint itself as a credible third party, but can there be anything credible about a party which gives a nod and a wink to openly fascist and racist organisations?’

‘The Alliance of European National Groups in the European Parliament stands to receive £340,000 from the European Commission with further funding to set up a far-right think tank.

‘We know that far-right groups across the continent communicate with each other, sharing strategies and funding. But this is a new and explicit attempt to legitimise their hateful and worrying ideas and to pool their collective bile.’

‘It is unthinkable that a Party that gives succour to these racist and fascist groups could be seriously considered as contenders in a General Election.’