Fourth Food-bank Opens in Neath

Peter Hain MP has attacked the government for failing to address poverty in South Wales as he pledged his support for the fourth food bank to open in the Neath constituency in Glynneath.
“I am fully behind the community members in Glynneath who are examples of the stunning charity I know is typical of Neath residents. Nevertheless, it is a scandal that we are having to resort to food-banks in Neath,” he added.
“In 2010 I and my Labour colleagues on the County Borough Council warned everyone how austerity would affect our towns and villages, now we are seeing the devastation wrought.”
“People in Neath earn on average £50 less per week than throughout Great Britain, over £2500 less annually, without financial support from the government in the form of tax credits the lowest earners in the constituency are at constant risk of abject poverty.”
The food bank in Glynneath is the third to open in eighteen months in the constituency and is community based project similar to those in Neath, Ystalyfera and Pontardawe.
“It is yet another example of the increasing emphasis of communities having to self-fund activities because the State is refusing to support them,” said Mr Hain.
The former Welsh Secretary went on to say: “It is outrageous that people are having to choose between putting food on the table for their families and paying essential bills just because the Westminster Government has turned its back on hardship, withdrawing vital support whilst giving tax cuts to the rich.”


Hain Criticises Cuts to Local Community Safety Fund

MP for Neath Peter Hain has spoken out against the Government’s ‘severe’ cuts to the Community Safety Fund for 2013-14.

Figures release this week by the Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales, Rt. Hon. Alun Michael,  reveal that the Home Office has replaced a number of separate funding schemes amounting to £4.7 million with a single fund of just under £3.5 million to spend according to his priorities in the Police and Crime Reduction Plan.

Mr Hain says, ‘This is yet another example of how disastrous Government cuts are affecting the most vulnerable and at risk in our communities. for the Neath Port Talbot Youth Offending Team alone, this means a funding cut of £8,462.’

Continuing, Mr Hain says, ‘There are now 20,000 children and young people in Neath classed as being in poverty, which is living in a household that earns less than 60% of the average national income. Opportunities for many of these young individuals already feel few and far between.

‘The Neath Port Talbot Youth Offending Team offers support and encouragement to young people who need to turn their lives around. Cutting funding to these vital services simply means that another door is shut in their faces.’