Hain Celebrates 50 Years of Wales Office

Neath MP and former Secretary of State for Wales Peter Hain joined with other past Secretaries of State to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Wales Office.

Mr Hain, one of only three former Secretaries of State to hold the position more than once, recalled of his time in the Wales Office, ‘I am very proud of my achievements in Gwydyr House from the securing of free bus travel for pensioners, to developing a new policy bringing together post 16 schooling, further education and training under one umbrella and taking through the far reaching 2006 Government of Wales Act which put full legislating powers on the statute book.’

Praise For Neath Army Officers

Two army officers from Neath have been praised as ‘real role models’ by their MP Peter Hain.

Major Matt Thomas from Cimla and Captain Mark Kretzchmar from Bryncoch attended a special event in Parliament in honour of the Welsh Guards where Mr Hain thanked them for their service.

‘They are both real role models for youngsters enlisting for the armed forces or the Territorial Army. To have become such senior officers charged with duty and care as well as steadfast leadership makes all if us in Neath salute them with real pride.